Windsor Beacon readers voted and the results are in! Bob's Car Wash was voted Best Car Wash in Windsor.

Thank You, Windsor!


CLEAN UP! by becoming a member today! As a member, you will enjoy additional savings and benefits such as Club discounts. It's easy to become a member. Simply create a new account using the link above and follow the easy instructions. We will send you a Wash Club card in the mail.


If your company has a fleet of vehicles or just a number of employees, you can save at the
Windsor Car Wash. Becoming a Commercial Account is the fastest way to save on our wash
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Our fundraising program is designed to help your organization raise money quickly and easily. It
only takes three to four weeks to have a successful fundraiser. Best of all, your fundraiser can
continue to provide funds throughout the year.

Though a parking lot car wash might sound like a good way to make money for your
organization, you may not realize that dirty water from parking lot and driveway car washing
enters the storm sewer system. Meant only for rainfall, storm sewer water flows directly into the
creeks and streams. All our water flows through our treatment tanks and then into the sanitary
sewer where it is treated in state-approved facilities.


Our car wash uses water efficient equipment to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water.
Approximately 70% of the water we use is reclaimed. The water discharged from our facility is
always treated in state-approved facilities before it enters our creeks or rivers.
Our facilities are the best way for you to preserve one of your most important investments while
protecting the environment!