The car wash is a full service location on the west end of Windsor just west of King Soopers and behind Grease Monkey. We offer two types of automatic washes, four bays of self service, and several vacuum/fragrance/shampoo islands. Credit cards are accepted.


With two automatic bays, you choose between soft foam or touch-free. Our first automatic bay features a SoftGloss XS system using FoamBrite wash pads. Several sets of FoamBrite pads wrap your car in an all-over-massage. The optional pre-wash applies a surface rinse to remove dirt, sand, and grit before the vehicle is washed, safely enhancing the gloss of the vehicle’s surface. The SoftGloss high-volume foam bath then completely covers the vehicle’s surface with a thick layer of foaming detergent, helping to provide a superior wash. Trifoam Wax and spot-free rinse complete the wash cycle. Finally, your car is dried by powerful air dryers.

Our second automatic bay features a touch-free wash system. This advanced system has no tricky tire rails to follow. Rather than intimidate customers by cluttering the floor with unsightly guide rails and bay plates, we use an advanced vehicle detection system. As you enter the bay, our powerful oscillating rocker/wheel blasters clean your car's lower side panels and wheels and our undercarriage wash delivers a powerful blast of water to flood away dirt and grit from the under-side of your vehicle. Once inside, the system uses separate overhead sprays for tri-foam, wax, fresh water rinse and clear coat application.


The other four bays are self service. You choose the wash cycles best suited for your particular vehicle or equipment. Each bay includes prewash, engine cleaning, powerful wash cycles, cleaning brushes, tri-foam wax, and soft-water rinses. You choose the wash ... you choose the amount of time in the bay.


Powerful vacuums are located at several islands to provide the final step in cleaning your car. Fragrance application and carpet shampoo are available options. Car care products are available at two vending locations.